Washington, DC—our home!—deserves an official song that isn't the Star-Spangled Banner. We also deserve voting rights, but one thing at a time, I guess. Which is why last week we put out the call (after complaining, of course) for your suggestions as to what the local community's unofficial official DC song should be. Delighted by the numerous responses, the music snobs at Scoutmob narrowed it down to a few finalists and one clear winner. Here they are:

3RD RUNNER-UP: Reader @seanymac15 gave probably the most contemporary suggestion with The Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight." While the music itself is more amazing than a talking chicken, the lyrics are a bit dark for a theme song. Verdict: Too sad for "state" song.

2ND RUNNER-UP: When we tweeted WCP music writer @jon_fischer, he responded with The Blackbyrd's "Rock Creek Park," which offers up an, um, enticing musical tribute to DC's largest green space. Verdict: Too sexy for "state" song.

1ST RUNNER-UP: Several readers, including @BrewMonster and @FuzzyLogicDC, named Magnetic Fields's "Washington, DC" as their No. 1 pick. While the band that wrote it may not be from here, the cheerleader-like anthem makes this tune a good fit for the task. Verdict: Close but no DCigar for "state" song.

WINNER: It was reader @nanther who first suggested Mambo Sauce's "Welcome to DC," and now we can't get it out of our heads. Already used as the theme song to welcome Wizards star John Wall to the District, it's got everything necessary to fill the title of Scoutmob's Unofficial Official DC Song, including a go-go beat, a lyric about Marion Berry's crack habit and a video that features office cubicle dancing (0:55). Verdict: Perfect for "state" song!