Food isn't just a hobby for us here at Scoutmob, it's an obsession. Our life's goal is to become exorbitantly wealthy so we can Scrooge McDuck dive into a vault full of bacon. Seriously. So, if we're not eating food, chances are we're reading about it. Four of our daily must-reads include Girl Meets Food, Dining in DC, Johnna Knows Good Food and The Capital Cooking Show. While each of these blogs has its own vibe, collectively they're a force to be reckoned with. Between the four of them, they have access to just about everything delicious in DC—from exclusive sit-downs with our favorite chefs to the latest openings in the city.

Naturally then, it was only a matter of time before these four foodie minds joined forces to launch 4Bitten media. They're now officially "a collection of four established food blogs in the Washington, DC area, dedicated to bringing readers the best of the local food scene." And for businesses, they're a one-stop marketing shop. But to us, they're still the best food advice givers in the DMV. Here are their individual recs for best DC dishes:

Mary Kong of Girl Meets Food says: "There are so many. I'd say the pork cupcakes at Bourbon Steak, salmon belly at Kaz, the curry chicken ramen at Toki Underground and palak chaat at Rasika."

Lauren Desantis of Capital Cooking says: "One of my favorites is the fried spanakopita from Cava."

Lisa Shapiro of Dining in DC says: "I did an article about my Top 10 memorable bites. [They include]: Graffiato's Sweet Corn Agnolotti, Central Michel Richard's lobster burger and Zentan's Singapore slaw."

Johnna Rowe of Johnna Knows Good Food says: "Tortilla Espanola (a basic scramble of eggs and potatoes cooked frittata style) topped with an aioli sauce and sweet hot peppers. I fell in love with it [at Estadio]."

We told you they were good... now we need a snack.