While it should be patio season, spring showers are keeping us in this week, which is why we scouted for some eye-popping interiors that'll make you forget all about the elements while you feast. Here are five we love:

2121 14th St., NW


One of the best brunches in town (IMHO), the wall d├ęcor is also top-notch. Featuring colorful murals, you'll find works from artists like J. Coleman, Leon Rainbow, Eric Kennedy and others on the walls here.

Lost Dog Cafe
5876 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 4.18.55 PM

Because canine art has come a long way since the classic dogs playing poker schtick. Now they do everything! While the pizza and sandwiches are worth the trip alone to this place, the dog-themed art is a fine appetizer.

Art and Soul
415 New Jersey Ave., NW

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 4.22.14 PM

Splurge a little and be rewarded by eyeballing the walls at this high-end eatery that are covered in sweet oil portraits by American artist Randy Slack. Look out for iconic leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill, Gandhi and more.

Sticky Rice
1224 H St., NE


While the sushi rolls and other dishes are practically artwork in and of themselves, there's some awesome indoor street art here, as well as framed tattoo art and more.

Muncheez Mania
1071 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 4.25.38 PM

Forget about boring old industrial white walls and eat your fresh-made crepes and sandwiches in this late-hours eatery, where the walls are covered in museum-quality murals by local artist Matt McMullen.

And obviously, there are more than five awesome art-covered restaurants in town, so tell us, what's your favorite? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and let's eat (and gawk)!