We've made no secret about our love of local music. Heck, we even sponsor our very own local music streamcast. Then, of course, there's our epic organization crush on Listen Local First. And finally, we're in the midst of having a summer fling with Fort Reno.

For those who don't yet know of Fort Reno's righteousness, here's the deal: it's twice weekly free concerts featuring local bands outdoors. Last year, we spied Ian Mackaye's kid playing and/or popping a squat in a tree stump. It was awesome.

Two shows have already taken place, but don't worry if you missed them because there are 10 more happening in the next five weeks. Here are a few of the bands that definitely should not be missed.

Monday, June 25, The Torches
With a little bit of a retro sound, this band is easy to listen to but definitely not easy listening. We want to hula hoop and chew bubble gum to this band.

Thursday, July 5, Troll Tax
First of all, this band's name is Troll Tax. Second of all, please take a closer look at their album cover. Sold.

Thursday, July 5, Atoms Apart
It's nice to get a break from the rock every once in a while. Enter Atoms Apart. This Arlington electronica duo will get you dancing on your picnic blankets.

Monday, July 12, Nunchucks
This band makes rock that basically demands that you clap along with the beat. Plus, it features sweet guitar licks. How many bands can say that these days?

Monday, July 12, Satori Trova
A little bit funky and a lot totally grooveable, in a perfect world this band would be super famous already. Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 26, Grammar
Continuing the line of DC rock, this band is definitely at home on The Dismemberment Plan, Q and Not U continuum. It's fun and, quite frankly, goddamn awesome.

All Fort Reno shows take place at, well, Fort Reno, which is the park located across the street from Woodrow Wilson High School in Tenleytown. Here it is on a map. For additional information and a full schedule, check out Fort Reno's site.