There are few things we like more on a blustery DC day than pulling up a seat at a fine area watering hole and ordering a hot cocktail that's so warm it's like wearing a blanket. Or, as we generally prefer,unitard sleeping bag. But we digress... There are the can't-go-wrong standards like mulled wine and hot toddies, to be sure. (Read on for seven of our other favorites.) And then there's sacred Hot Buttered Rum. 

The Hot Buttered Rum
Behold the Hot Buttered Rum at Bourbon Steak in Georgetown. Besides being head over heels, our thighs are also bursting out of the seams of our pants (this is why we love that unitard sleeping bag)—this hot number is made, just as the name would suggest, with a whole lotta butter. Spiced-up brown butter, to be exact, and that's mixed with Mount Gay dark rum then topped with dulce de leche whipped cream. Indeed, this might just be the best seasonal drank in DC. 
The Other Booze Jackets
But, once you've gotten buttery and toasty, you aren't finished right? Luckily, DC has plenty of options.  Here are seven on our hit list: 
-The tasty spiked cider at Cleveland Park's Ripple
-The mind-blowing Smokin' Bacon Hot Chocolate at Poste
-The Las Fallas Café is a lovely drunken coffee at Tryst in Adams Morgan
-Mulled wine at U Street Vinoteca
-Hot toddy at Bloomingdale's Boundary Stone
-The berry good Currant Affair cocktail at Last Exit
-The Hot Sammy at the still-kinda-secret Nage Bistro in Scott Circle
Of course, that's just our opinion. What do you think? Let us know by tweeting as @scoutmobdc  or joining the conversation on Facebook. 'Tis the wear elastic-waisted pants.