It shouldn't take us and Wesley Willis (R.I.P.) to tell you it's time to get your hair cut. But in DC, the sad truth is sometimes it does. We feel your pain. In a town full of politically correct 'dos and business-friendly blowouts, finding a salon to patronize without fearing you'll come out looking like the Duggars can be tough...

Well, fear no more! We've tried and tested a few salons ourselves and have come up with five that'll keep you cool. Some even come with beer. Grooming ain't a chore, folks, it's about to get fun. Immortal Beloved
1457 Church St., NW
Although this high-end hipster (in a good way) salon is planning a big move to expand a few blocks away in the space currently occupied by Muleh, it's worth making an appointment now to check out its present-day spot in a converted garage in Logan Circle. Filled with wood furnishings by local artisan Caleb Woodard, this salon, run by Kelly Gorsuch is one of the only places in town to get a dry cut, which is salon-speak for a super precise, excellent haircut. Your Scoutmob editor personally approves, but keep in mind a hair-did here will cost about a hundo. But? Totally worth the splurge, in our humble hair opinion.

The Barber from Hell's Bottom
818 Rhode Island Ave., NW
Another hair venture brought to us by Kelly Gorsuch (and one that will pack less of a punch to your wallet), this gentleman-focused shop is going to be headed (pun intended) by Mike Charland, an expert hair cutter who calls himself a barber and means it. Finally, 20- and 30-something men will have no excuse to keep wearing their hair like someone's very conservative Midwestern dad. Also, don't shy away from getting a good, professional straight-razor shave while you're at it. The shop just opened on Tues., April 2, so check it out and let us know what you think. For a sneak preview, check out these shots by UrbanTurf.

2700 Ontario Rd., NW
Fancy a haircut and a beer? Then get thee to Trim, a second-floor salon located just out of the busiest section of Adams Morgan. Here, you'll find a mix of men, women and awesome tattoos. The clever stylists are capable of adding bold or natural color to your hair, while giving you an edgy, but also employable cut. And the prices? Awesome. They're lower than they are at comparable salons, plus, FREE BEER!

Eastern Confederate
3112 Mount Pleasant St., NW
Situated in a cozy location in Mt. Pleasant, this little salon is decked out in everything vintage, and the non-standard cuts produced by the equally stylish stylists are some of the most non-DC-looking (you know what we mean) in town. Owned by Ryan Hunter Mitchell, whose own luscious red locks are proof of the salon's awesomeness, the prices at this proverbial hole-in-the-wall are extremely reasonable. Compared to the $100-plus price tags at many area cutteries, men's cuts here are $45 and women's just $55. Plus, more FREE BEER!

Chaos Salon
4939-A Cordell Ave.; Bethesda, Md.
Finally, should you find yourself out in the 'burbs, needing a new 'do, Chaos offers an urban, minimam, somewhat industrial setting. Plus, with stylists capable button-up cuts, as well as funky hair-dids, this salon's been a neighborhood favorite for a couple of years now, despite the urban prices. Remember though, here, you pay for what you get. Happy haircutting!