Being a good liar is generally not something one brags about. But at DC's latest, and most twisted story night, being a good liar is the goal. Aptly called the Perfect Liars Club, this once-a-month Monday night event has sold out all three of its shows at Science Club so far because of its storytellers’ ability to tell outrageous lies. Even more enticing to the PLC’s fans is that the night is interactive; the audience gets to spot the liar. Kind of like a game of Whodunit, the format goes like this:

With seven minute each, four talented storytellers divulge often-hilarious tales in; three tell true stories and one tells an elaborate lie.

While most story nights would end there, this one’s just getting started: After a short break, all four storytellers return to the stage and it’s the audience’s turn to ask the questions.

“Literally, it’s like an interrogation,” said Layla McCay, who cofounded Perfect Liars Club with her wife, Roz. “People get really into it.”

And why wouldn’t they? It’s fun. After the Q&A, in which basically, audience members demand more detailed information in an attempt to trip up the liar, it gets put to a vote. And so far?

“Our liars have proven pretty good,” said Layla. “Not once has the audience voted in a majority for the lie.”

Which speaks to the talent present at the shows. “Our storytellers are really good,” said Layla, who herself has told stories for DC’s more high-profile storytelling nights, SpeakeasyDC and Story League, as well as at London’s Spark series (she originally hails from Scotland).

And if it sounds like fun to make up an elaborate lie, and then have to back it up on-the-fly via some intensely detailed questions from the audience, Layla says think again. “It’s a lot more effort to make up a lie than to tell a true story,” she said. “It has to strike a balance, so that it’s believable, but still be ridiculous.”

Fortunately, for the audience’s entertainment purposes, the true tales so far have perhaps proven more ridiculous than the lies. “There’s been a lot of funny ones,” said Layla, who recalls the most outrageous story told was true. “It was about a woman who was mistake for a Mayan fertility goddess and then lived in that role for six months,” said Layla. “I could barely believe that was true.”

Neither could the audience. Meanwhile the lie one night was told by someone who claimed to have been working in an inn when, one night, a D-list celebrity took it over for some wild antics. Most people couldn’t pick out the lie.

“The interrogation turns into an impromptu comedy show,” said Layla. “Someone actually got out their iPhone [at the last event] and googled the name of some producer the storyteller said he knew.”

Did you think we were lying when we said people really got into this show? Balderdash! We tell nothing but the truth, and the truth is, you should definitely attend the next Perfect Liars Club night. Like most of DC, Layla and crew are taking the month of August off, but will return bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and chock full of untruths on September 9, the second Monday of the month (due to Labor Day), at the Science Club. Stay tuned to our events listings closer to the date for ticket information. Even worse than lying? Not getting a ticket to what will surely be a sold-out show.