Ethereal. Dreamlike. And now with Scoutmob -- up for an awesome auction. We’re not sure how we came across Kelly’s artwork, but needless to say, we're big fans now. And since we want you to be fans too, check out the Facebook auction Kelly has put up on Facebook starting today, perfect for 'mobsters like you to bid on some of her pieces:

Kelly Mckernan Facebook auction

We also took some time to ask Kelly more about her passion in painting:

Scout: How would you best describe your work to someone who’s never heard seen it before?
Kelly: I recently described it as the melted puddle of colors you get when your three scoops of rainbow sorbet melt. It’s creamy, dreamy, sweet and sour.

Scout: At what point did you realize “this is what I have to do”?
Kelly: I think it was always something I wanted to pursue. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, as early as three or four years old. I don’t think it was until my third year of art school that I figured out a plan to turn it into a career.

Scout: Where in Atlanta do you go to get new ideas? Or where do you go to unwind?
Kelly: I go to San Francisco Coffee’s Poncey location to unwind with a cappuccino a few times a week. My studio shares a space with my bedroom, so I have to escape every now and then to refresh my perspective.

Scout: Your favorite “curious find” in Atlanta?
Kelly: I live in the Poncey-Highland area, and I love watching for the people on the corner of Ponce and N. Highland. I’ve witnessed some hilarious drama coming from the building on that corner. I’m still not sure what it is – a mental and physical disability residence?

Scout: Another local Atlantan that inspires you or your work?
Kelly: Oh, too many. Some of my favorites are Kombo Chapfika, Jason Kofke, Michi, Lucha Rodriguez, Laura Bell, Matt Haffner, Plastic Aztecs… there’s so much talent in this city!

Scout: Where do you get your best ideas?
Kelly: Most of my ideas come from introspection, and the reoccurring themes in my work are the same reoccurring themes I deal with in my personal life.

Catch the rest of Kelly's work on her website,