There’s nothing Capital Kombucha co-founder Andreas loves more than changing people’s minds about kombucha tea. It’s a drink that suffers from a... misconception or two, shall we say. “A lot of people, they try it once and they say they will never try it again. It tastes like vinegar,” Andreas says.

Not so with Capital Kombucha, a drink that tastes significantly more fruity and smooth than a lot of other kombucha teas out there, which can be a little funky-tasting, let's be honest. The fermented tea naturally contains digestion-aiding probiotics, and Capital Kombucha’s flavors also include spicy ginger with honey, coconut water, mango chili, basil lemongrass and mint lime. In fact, it tastes a little too good to be healthy. We're suspicious.

And that’s exactly the stereotype Andreas is fighting against. “There’s this idea that something that tastes bad is good for you. We just don’t think that has to be the case,” he says. And we couldn't agree more.

Andreas and co-founders Dan and John started Capital Kombucha when they were all in business school at George Washington University. Andreas had been forcing, er, politely asking, classmates to try his home-brewed kombucha and give him feedback for awhile, and the wee kernel of a business idea grew from there. Now? The company is taking off. Capital Kombucha is stocked in more than 60 stores in the Washington area, and the founders are working to expand into New York and Philadelphia.

It makes sense that Andreas would get into the health food business. His parents are organic farmers in upstate New York, and as a kid, he would grab a pair of scissors to gather lettuce from the farm for salad for dinner. “It took me a long time before I tried a chicken finger,” he said. One might say he's got roots in the biz.

The other co-founders of Capital Kombucha have backgrounds in health and food, as well. Together, they see a market for drinks that aren’t packed full o' sugar or artificial chemicals. And kombucha can even be a good mixer for cocktails. We're listening.

Want to put down your cola and pick up a fermented tea instead? Find bottles of Capital Kombucha at Mom’s Organic Market, Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co. on 14th Street, Seasonal Pantry, Northern Social, Bistro Bohem and Union Market. And if you head to District Tea Lodge you can even get a growler filled with tea. And now’s a great time to try it out, since Andreas says new seasonal fall flavors will be on the way shortly. He wouldn't reveal 'em, so we'll hazard a guess. Pumpkin or cinnamon, mayhaps?