Carnivorous District dwellers, Meat Week is upon us! Yes, this week of January has congealed itself to our hearts since the days when it delivered us servings of PORC's delicious, heaping servings of gruyere mac n' cheese and rich, melty brisket back in 2011. Yes, ever since it has been firmly slotted in our calendars (and our meat-loving hearts).

The gist of Meat Week is this: the city's team captain puts together a full slate of barbecue bashes at hallowed halls of meaty foodstuffs. Hungry patrons post up and dig in. Menus vary from establishment to establishment, but all embrace the ethos of eating animals. This year, participating restaurants include Urban Bar-B-Que Company, Hill Country Barbecue Market, DCity Smokehouse (at Showtime), Pork Barrel BBQ, Smoke BBQ and Mr. P's Ribs.

And back for a second year is the BBQ Food Truck Face-Off. Tickets are required for this showdown, but you get 15 tastings in total, and the power to cast your vote to crown the winner of best beef, pork and side dish. Oh, and there'll be a butchering demo, too. One thing is for certain: we've got our bibs ready. Meat Week's founders have declared it a national holiday, and we agree. After all, what's more American than meat sweats?