Six DC coffee shops — Peregrine Espresso, Filter, the Coffee Bar, Chinatown Coffee Company, La Mano, and Blind Dog Cafe — are urging their customers to go elsewhere through disloyal in the District cards. These aren't some disparaging distant cousin of the familiar buy-ten-get-one-free loyalty punch cards we're used to seeing at independent purveyors. Rather, it's a way to get coffee fanatics to break out of their routine and patronize other (but still likeminded) establishments.

Cardholders can pick up and get their disloyalty card stamped at any of the six shops listed above (they cover a good swath of the city, from La Mano in Takoma to Peregrine in Capitol Hill to Filter in West End). Once the card's full, it can be redeemed at any participating shop for a free drink. So, you try a coffee shop that you might not otherwise venture toward—even if it does serve cups of your favorite fair-trade, single-origin, hand-ground, poured-over joe—and maybe it wins you over enough that you head back.

What's some coffee among friends? Diversity in local coffee consumption is a win-win (and a caffeine buzz) for everyone. But drink quickly: The disloyalty cards are, apparently, a limited run.