Eastern Confederate is über hip. Its proprietor, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, was a freelance stylist before opening his shop's doors (below the Western Union on Mount Pleasant Street—so, Eastern Confederate, get it?). The dude's also in a band (Shark Week recently recorded an album in Puerto Rico) and is wrangling with writing a noir novel. He shears the locks of local-band frontmen and lawer-type alike.(Mitchell once told us he liked our haircut – we felt really cool.)

So, happily, the essence of Eastern Confederate is now bottled: In January, Mitchell launched Tincture, a line of products as natural as his salon is alternative. The offerings are a bit masculine—there's a mustache wax and a cedar wood "cowboy cologne"—but elixirs like the sea salt spray (with sandalwood essential oil, coconut oil, sea salt, aloe vera, and jojoba) and hair powder (with talc, French chalk, jasmine- and rose-infused starch, and—seriously—"earth") have unisex appeal.

Mitchell told Refinery29 that there's a sustainability bent behind Tincture, "The goal with these products was mainly to create the things that our clients were asking for, with a natural approach that actually worked — and to be able to refill the bottles when clients were all out...it's pretty insane how many bottles we throw out."

Plus, even Tincture's more conventional offerings— shampoo and conditioner— are sustainable: Everything's sulfate-free, a designation that's become increasingly popular for those seeking a more natural feel in their beauty products. And Tincture's is what we'd want our lives, not just our hair, to smell like: leather, rose, tobacco oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

Interesting on testing the goods on your very own coif? Tincture can be found for sale at Eastern Confederate and also on Etsy (through which the products are made to order).