Theatre-goers, rise up from those stiff velvet seats, abandon the opera glasses, and prepare to take a walk. Beginning tonight, the Goat Farm will become the stage for a dark interpretation of the classic Little Red Riding Hood, and instead of watching it all unfold from the safety of a chair, audience members will witness the performance on foot, traipsing throughout the 12-acre expanse of the abandoned cotton gin factory. Rua Wü lf, premiering tonight, is an ambitious production that does away with every traditional notion of the theatrical experience. The project is the work of Atlanta performing arts organization Saiah, whom you may recall from our little Halloween shindig (hint: they were the terrifying caged beasties). Initially pitched (and successfully funded) on Kickstarter, it was described as "a migrating theatrical experience" that turns the traditional fable on its head. Hint: that whole "migrating" thing means you'd probably be wise to leave the stilettos at home.

Take a gander at Burnaway's recent Q&A with Marium Khalid, Saiah's cofounder and director of the play, for a more in-depth look at the performance's development and background. If you're still curious, check out the Rua Wulf trailer below. And if your'e not afraid of the big, bad wolf, buy your tickets here.