It's no secret that ATL is blessed with a bevy of fierce females. From chefs to baristas to burlesque babes, Atlanta's small army of badass broads make our city more awesome on the reg. And now, thanks to these two (also insanely talented) gals, we get to spend two days celebrating ATL's bastion of brilliant ladies.

Backbone Fest, a two-day throwdown at the Highland Ballroom, is a toast to the women who make Atlanta awesome. Or, in the words of Birds of a Feather, a way of saying, "Hey, girl, you totally rock." Rock, indeed. With the likes of Lily and the Tigers, SEX BBQ and seminal Scoutmob crush Taradactyl on the roster, the two-day event is shaping up to be a marathon of face-melting (the good kind).

"When we started our business, I don't think we even realized how many amazing women were doing things in Atlanta," says Jessi Ford, who co-founded Birds of a Feather Creative with Christina Edwards back in 2011. "We work with amazing women every single day. We wanted to celebrate women… and we kind of just wanted to throw an awesome party for girls." Seconded.

But just because this playbill reps the ladies doesn't mean the menfolk are excluded from the fun. Jessi says they wanted to celebrate not just the women doing awesome things in Atlanta, but also the men who support them. In other words: fellas, your participation is highly encouraged.

While the fest certainly centers around awesome female-driven bands, music isn't the only draw. "Yes, we love music, and Atlanta loves a music festival, but we wanted to incorporate other cool things women are doing," Jessi says. Cool things like, say, burlesque by the titillating vixens of Minette Magnifique, comedy from funny ladies like Ashley Hesseltine and Lace Larrabee, and real-deal break dancing, to name a few. And that's just the first night.

Friday evening's variety show/pep rally format (and ensuing dance party brought to you by Taradactyl) will be followed by a Saturday night chock-full of lady-fronted rock 'n roll starring none other than Lily and the Tigers, Sioux City Sue, Sex BBQ, and Megan Jean and the KFB, whose Phil Collins/"Bed Intruder" mashup we've included below just in case you need any further proof that this festival is going to be awesome:

Sufficiently convinced of this festival's sheer badassery? Get tickets here.