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Bubbly Tea

50% off Bubbly Tea
The shop is packed with plenty of imaginative flavors, toppings and snacks that are already making us giddy with excitement, like the rose-yogurt drink, topped with lychee pearls, for starters.
There’s something almost magical about that first sip of a bubble tea. Slurping those gooey bits of tapioca up through the oversized straw always feels a bit nostalgic to us, much like those first few moments of freedom after a long day at school. (Or work, for that matter.) And this Chinatown spot is providing that daily dose of nostalgia for us, one cup at a time. The shop is packed with plenty of imaginative flavors, toppings and snacks ready to make our childlike dreams a reality. For starters, an old standby like the taro milk tea gets dressed up with tapioca pearls and homemade whipped cream. And then there's a yogurt-based drink, flavored with rose petals to make an an elegant pink hue, and topped with lychee pearls. But we're mostly intrigued by the carbonated guava tea, with basil seeds orbiting around the bubbly drink. Ah, nevermind. We'll try 'em all.

For an especially triumphant bout of snacking, we're pairing all those libations with a batch of the tornado chips. Not familiar? Well, it’s a whole potato cut into a spiral, wrapped around a 17-inch skewer and fried up for our crunchy eating pleasure. So while we might not be conquering algebra tests in our spare time, we’ll still go ahead and say we’ve earned this treat. Because... um, adulthood. Yeah.

Menu Highlights:
Taro Milk Tea, $2.75 / $3.75 / $4.95
Strawberry Grapefruit Lemonade, $3.50 / $4.50 / $5.95
Rose Yogurt Drink, $2.75 / $3.75 / $4.95
Guava Tea with Basil Seeds, $2.75 / $3.75 / $4.95
Tornado Chips, $1.95

Daily, 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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