His street pizza operation is approaching one year old, and Casey, the man behind Casey’s Pizza, is already turning up the heat in SF’s pizza scene. He won an SF Weekly “Best Of” Award for his Margherita pizza, which Jonathan Kauffman and John Birdsall called one of the “Best Dishes Worth Hunting Down,” and now he’s firing up the oven and the engine on a new food truck. Casey says with this new truck, it’s “time to go legit.” 

SCOUT: What will this mean for the future of Casey's Pizza?
CASEY: The most important factor is that we'll be able to greatly expand our service in SF. I think only a fraction of this city has tried our pies. With the truck we'll also be able to try different locations and demographics to determine what might prove ripe for a future brick and mortar.

SCOUT: We're assuming you're going to throw a big pizza party when you announce the new truck. When do you think our invite will come in the mail?
CASEY: We have a SF launch event in the works for late August, stay tuned. 

SCOUT: What sets your pies apart from the other guys?
CASEY: I think were doing something that's not just in one tradition, like New York style, or wood fired Neapolitan, or "thin crust". Our pizza is a mash-up of sorts: it takes all the East Coast pizza I ate as a kid and the artisan pies I've researched in the last few years to create something classic and modern, yet elegant.

SCOUT: And what makes the Margherita so darn good?
CASEY: I like to have all the ingredients working together; the basil, the tomato, the aged and fresh mozzarella, the extra virgin olive oil. It's a dance where no one ingredient is being too pushy. And of course, being discriminating when it comes to sourcing ingredients, that helps. Zoe's Meats in Petaluma, Belfiore Cheesein Berkeley, and Giusto's flours in SF are a few standards that make our pizzas what they are. I really tip my hat to these producers because their products are amazing, and local. I'm very lucky to be making pizza in the Bay Area.

SCOUT: What are the local pizza places you're into these days?
CASEY: Anthony Mangieri and Una Pizza Napoletana is an awesome addition to the pizza landscape in SF. I'd say Emilia's and Gioia in Berkeley and Rotten City in Emeryville are producing the most intriguing "New York style" pies in the area. And Ragazza is doing some very solid artisan pies. I am still waiting for the next wave of artisan pizza spots in SF. I do think another wave is coming that will pick up from where places like Gialina, Pizzetta 211 and Pizzeria Delfina have taken us.

We’re know you’re salivating after all that pizza talk. Find out where to catch Casey next on the Casey’s Pizza site, Facebook or Twitter