If you’ve been anywhere near Justin Herman Plaza as of late, you may have heard shrieks and shouts cutting through the air. It wasn’t people trying to dodge cars zooming down The Embarcadero that failed to yield to pedestrians (ok, maybe a few were), it’s thrill seekers whooshing across the plaza on Ziptrek’s zipline. The Bold Italic went to check it out, camera in hand:

When I saw the towers being installed last week, I knew I had to give zip-lining a try. So, yesterday before work, my boyfriend and I made our way over to the kiosk at the Plaza. I initially planned on zipping alone, but Ziptrek recommends bringing a friend, since the lines are built for two people and it's more fun to have a pal zipping alongside of you. After signing a waiver, the friendly Ziptrek staff helped us into harnesses and helmets and pointed us to the tower stairs. As we got closer to the top, my fear started to build, and the adrenaline kicked in.

At the top of the platform, there were two guides who clipped us in and answered any last minute fear driven questions: Do I need to hold on?(No) How fast does it go? (About 25 miles an hour). After getting the OK on the walkie talkie, the guides told us to step onto the launch platform, which was the scariest part. The structure is about 80 feet high and I realized just how high up we were as I approached the edge. On the count of three, we were asked to lift our legs so that the weight of our bodies pulled us down along the line.

Watch video of the death-defying ride (ok, so it’s not death-defying, but it’s still rad) at The Bold Italic.

Photo by Sarah Han