By Jesse Hirsch

As the seasoned sunbather knows, spending time in Dolores Park is typically not an exercise in sobriety. Options include the Cold Beer, Cold Water guy, the Pot Truffle guy, and of course whatever brown- bagged tallboy (or perhaps a chilled Zinfandel, if that’s your thing) you’ve brought from home.

But there’s a tipsy new kid on the block, and it seems to have set all of San Francisco abuzz (caffeine and/or beer pun alert). The chunky-named Cervecería de MateVeza, an Argentine-styled microbrewery specializing in caffeinated yerba mate beers, just planted stakes across from Dolores Park. That’s right, within spitting distance of every hipster’s favorite place for a marathon sprawl-out session is a new way to simultaneously perk up and mellow out.

The Cervecería space is tiny, but you can always let a friend hold down your primo park real estate while you pick up a growler to go. And if you’re not looking for a jittery rush with your brew, there are plenty of non-caffeinated beers available (over 100 if you’re keeping count). There are also empanadas on offer from El Porteño, the five-year-old mobile food venture with an adorable little van and a slew of accolades and Best-Of awards.

We do have one question: Is calling their product a fancy “Argentine microbrew” just a way of masking its similarities to everyone’s favorite banned beverage? A Four Loko by any other name…