He's a neighborhood fixture in The Sunset, but he drops in all over town. You may know him as "fog", "the fog", "damn it's foggy," or his full name, Karl the Fog.

Karl has a loyal following of fans and we here at Scoutmob love him for his abiding commitment to the city he so often blankets in dampness. We sat down with this grey cloud to get his perspective on life in the foggy city.

SCOUT: Your name is spelled with a K - are you a fog of German origin?
KTF: It’s possible. My family is native to this area, but like many people in San Francisco, we probably descend from somewhere back east.

SCOUT:Some people say that you're around more in August than any other month. Is that accurate?
KTF: Accuracy has never been my best quality. I aim for San Francisco every day. Some months I make it and other months I end up in Stinson Beach.

SCOUT: Do you ever take a vacation? If so, where do you go?
KTF: I usually take a sabbatical in September. Last year I went to London and the year before that was Newfoundland. I’m thinking Rio De Janeiro might be darling this fall.

SCOUT: Where are your favorite spots to hang out in SF?
KTF: Sutro Baths and Lands End, Mt. Davidson, Grand View Park, St. Ignatius Church at USF, and any street that ends in “Avenue.”

SCOUT: Describe your perfect day.
KTF: Partly cloudy with a chance of regret.

SCOUT: What is your opinion of the sun? Be honest.
KTF: I’ve seen bigger.

SCOUT: It sometimes seems like you know when someone forgot a jacket. Are you keeping tabs on that kind of thing?
KTF: Just like Santa Claus, I have a list and I check it twice. If you see someone running for Muni and don’t hold the door for them, I’m coming after you and your tank top.

SCOUT: Do you have any weather idols? Do you look up to other weather phenomena for inspiration?
KTF: I’m intrigued by snow. Or rather, people who like it. You guys freak out the second it rains but you voluntarily drive to Tahoe and pay hundreds of dollars to sit in solidified versions of the same thing. It’s baffling.

SCOUT: You're often seen mixing and mingling with the Golden Gate Bridge. Are you guys friends?
KTF: We have a love/hate relationship. I love devouring the bridge, the bridge hates me stealing its spotlight.

SCOUT: Outside Lands is this weekend and we're pretty sure you're coming. What should people plan to bring/wear this weekend?
KTF: A few Outside Lands essentials: hooded sweatshirts, plaid (my favorite color), thermal socks, cash, a flask, and gratitude.

SCOUT: Which is worse, being cold or being wet?
KTF: Neither: being hot and complaining I’m not around. Just like a relationship, I want to be there for the good and the bad. I’m not your weather booty call.

Thanks so much to Karl for sitting down with us. You can catch up with him all over the city on some days, and most likely hanging out near the ocean.