We know that cafes can be a tranquil respite from the demands of every day life—a spot to read a book, meet a friend or write postcards that we'll forget to send because we're too busy checking our email. But let's be real: a lot of people depend on coffee shops to get put their nose to the grindstone and get some work done. Sure, a cafe full of work zombies isn't the most fun, but we kind of love the communal tap-tap-tapping of keyboards and people downing caffeine with their LSAT and GMAT study books open at chapter one. Plus, who knows, maybe you and your carefully selected multicultural group of friends can get together and laugh at a laptop, just like people (apparently) do (see picture) !

We here at Scoutmob are known for haunting our neighborhood cafes by the flickering light of our laptop screens (human interaction welcome!). And we've been keeping a file on all our ultimate favorite work cafes … you know, the places where plugging in to an outlet is not a criminal offense. Here are our favorite spots. Happy working to all you freelancers, students and job hounds!

Haus (Mission)

This 24th St. space is custom made for big ideas. The high ceilings, minimalist furnishings and distinctly Scandinavian feel (blonde wood tables! serene white walls!) give this spot a blissfully simple vibe that makes settling in with your laptop a real pleasure. Outlets are available, there's coffee, tea, kombucha and pastries, and everyone here is hard at work, whether that means tapping on a laptop or meeting to brainstorm the latest business or artist endeavor. Last but not least, they've got an awesome back patio with plentiful seating, perfect for a sunny afternoon [wifi password: goodluck).

The Social Study (Fillmore)

This spot was designed for the modern adult/student/worker/drinker who's looking for a cozy spot to call home. With a vintage feel (think old books and globes) and a drink offering that's equal parts espresso bar and wine bar, The Social Study is exactly as advertised: a special spot to study and socialize. Our favorite part? The invariably awesome music, which pipes old school hip hop, R&B, disco, funk, and every other beat that keeps our keyboard tapping (wifi password: study session).

Contraband Coffeebar (Nob Hill)

We discovered this spot while on a search for a work spot between meetings. And it's the perfect spot to settle in and get cracking. With always-awesome tunes, Dynamo Donuts, and a clean cozy interior with plenty of work surfaces, Contraband is serious about creating quality coffee and an uber comfortable cafe environment where the wifi flows as freely as the espresso.

Dash Cafe (Inner Sunset)

Mix and mingle with UCSF students at this popular hangout and work spot. With a bright space up front and a dark den in back, you can choose your space and settle in for the long haul. Dash's special draw is their waffle menu, which includes waffle bites, waffle sandwiches and ice cream waffle creations. Add Blue Bottle coffee into the mix and you've got a neighborhood spot to work the day away.

780 Cafe (Mission)

This spot is all business, all the time. And with its plentiful power strips, access to empanadas and endless Stumptown coffee, it's the perfect spot to rub elbows with other like-minded laptop junkies. It's got wood stools that keep your from getting a little too comfortable (i.e. falling asleep), and the high ceilings give this spot a touch of class. Oh, and have you tried their dinner service[https://secure.scoutmob.com/san-francisco/hand-picked/after-6-at-780-cafe-dinner-drinks-and-coffee-for-two]? Work all day, nosh all night. Those are words to live by.

Coffee Bar (Mission/Potrero)

Macbook users, welcome home. This spot is infamous for being a start-up hangout and is equipped and ready for your 6-hour work marathon with powerstrip aplenty, plus all the coffee you can drink, a full lunch menu, and Anthony's Cookies [http://anthonyscookies.com/] (ahhh yeah). Rest assured, everyone here is working, and this is a good spot to strike up a conversation about your new tech or design project (need Photoshop help? Just ask the dude in the designery glasses. He'll know).

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know where we should work from next!